Master the Art of Attracting and Converting Ideal Prospects Into High-Value Clients

It's time to amplify your impact. The Attract Sell Nurture™ System is specifically designed to help you attract your ideal prospects, sell effectively, and nurture leads into ideal clients, all through a seamless, automated process. No more headaches from ineffective marketing - just a powerful, streamlined system that lets you focus on what you do best: delivering outstanding service and value to your clients. Are you ready to transform your marketing, touch more lives, and create a sustainable, profitable business?

3 Core Problems Solved By

The Attract Sell Nurture™ System

Lack of Visibility and Reach

One major problem faced by professional service businesses is the lack of visibility and reach.

Without a strong online presence, these businesses may struggle to attract new clients and generate leads.

This can be especially challenging for entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have the resources to invest in marketing and advertising efforts.

Lack of Differentiation & Competitiveness

Another issue faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners is the lack of differentiation and competitiveness.

With so many businesses offering similar services, it can be difficult for your business to stand out and attract the right clients.

One Size Fits All Pricing

In addition, entrepreneurs and small business owners may struggle with pricing their services appropriately.

Setting prices that are too high can turn away potential clients while setting prices that are too low can lead to undervaluing your business's expertise and services.

Inefficient Use of Time & Resources

Manual, time-consuming tasks like sending out individual emails, scheduling social media posts, or following up on leads can consume a significant portion of your workday.

This not only prevents you from focusing on more strategic tasks but also leads to inconsistencies and errors.

3 Core Phases of a Powerful

Marketing and Selling System

Attract Sell Nurture™ consists of three core phases that lead to a repeatable, scalable and systematic approach to digital marketing and sales for entrepreneurs and small business owners:

  • The Attract Phase - Marketing Strategy

  • The Sell Phase - Productised Services

  • The Nurture Phase - Automated Marketing and Selling Systems

9 Key Steps From Inconsistent Revenue to

Consistent Recurring Revenue

The Attract Sell Nurture™ system consists of 9 key sequential steps:

Attract - More Ideal Prospects and Clients

This is the initial stage of the Attract Sell Nurture™ framework. The focus here is on reaching out to and engaging with potential clients who are a perfect fit for your business. This stage involves understanding the needs and desires of your ideal clients, then implementing strategies that make your business visible and attractive to them.

1. Identify The Most Suitable Clients For Your Services

The first step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is identifying the most suitable clients for your core service.

This is critical because if you don't know who your ideal clients are, you'll struggle to create targeted and effective marketing campaigns, leading to ineffective marketing and wasted resources.

You'll learn how to understand your target market, identify your ideal client profile, research your ideal client, and create buyer personas.

2. Discover Your Ideal Client's Core Problem And Desired Result So That You Can Create Conversion-Focused Content

The second step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is discovering your ideal client's core problem and desired result.

This is critical because, without a deep understanding of your ideal client's needs and desires, your marketing efforts may fall flat and fail to convert.

You'll learn how to understand your ideal client's pain points, identify their desired outcomes, research their buying process, and create a customer journey map.

3. Create a Magnetic Marketing Message

The third step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is creating a compelling marketing message.

This is critical because businesses often struggle to communicate their unique value proposition, making it difficult to stand out in a crowded market.

You'll learn how to craft a unique value proposition, develop a brand messaging framework, create a tagline and mission statement, and write headlines and calls to action.

Sell to Ready-to-Buy Prospects

The Sell stage is where you convert the attracted prospects into actual clients. This involves demonstrating the unique value proposition of your services to the prospects who are ready to make a buying decision. It's all about effectively communicating how your business can solve their problems and meet their needs better than anyone else.

4. Develop a Productised Service and Unique Selling Proposition

The fourth step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is developing a productised service and unique selling proposition.

This is critical because many businesses struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors, leading to commoditisation and price competition.

You'll learn how to understand what makes your business unique, create a productised service offering, develop a unique selling proposition, and position your business in the market.

5. Build A Suite Of Products That Will Allow You To Help More People And Generate More Revenue Without Having To Increase Your Time And Effort

The fifth step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is building a suite of products.

This is critical because many businesses hit a ceiling on revenue growth due to limitations on their time and resources.

In this section, you'll learn how to leverage your productised service to build a suite of products aka a value ladder that allows you to help more people and generate more revenue without having to increase your time and effort.

6. Create a No-Risk Entry Offer That Demonstrates Your Expertise to Targeted Prospects

The sixth step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is creating a compelling entry offer.

This is critical because many businesses struggle to attract high-quality leads and fail to convert those leads into paying customers.

In this section, you'll learn how to create a lead magnet that demonstrates your expertise to targeted prospects and provides the first step on your value ladder.

Nurture Someday-In-the-Future Buyers

The Nurture stage is about maintaining a relationship with clients who aren't ready to buy yet, but may be in the future. It's a long-term strategy designed to keep your business top of mind for these prospects, so when they are ready to buy, they will think of your service first. This involves consistent communication with these prospects, providing them with valuable content that positions your business as a trusted expert in your field.

7. Build Your Lead Generation System Opt-In Landing Page

During the seventh step in the Attract Sell Nurture System, you will create an opt-in landing page that will capture the contact information of your website visitors in exchange for access to the entry offer you built in step 6.

By using an opt-in form and your valuable entry offer, you can build a CRM and an active email list that can be used to nurture relationships with potential clients and guide them through your sales process - increasing the chances of a sale and building trust and loyalty over time.

8. Plan and Build Your Ultimate Upselling Thank You Page

The eighth step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is all about creating the ultimate upselling thank you page that not only congratulates your new subscriber for signing up for your entry offer, provides them with free bonus training and most importantly compels them to take further action and apply for a complimentary strategy call.

You will create a short mini training video and set up your qualification system that will ensure you only speak to the most suitable prospects.

Finally, we will create your simple selling script that will help you enrol the right person into service or program.

9. Plan and Build Your Qualified Marketing and Sales Lead Nurturing System

The ninth and final step in the Attract Sell Nurture System is planning and building your qualified marketing and sales lead nurturing system.

This is critical because many businesses fail to effectively nurture leads, leading to missed revenue opportunities.

In this section, you'll learn how to plan and build a lead nurturing system that effectively nurtures leads and converts them into paying customers.

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With over 15 years of experience, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers across various industries.

Throughout his career, he has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by professional businesses and has honed his skills to deliver effective marketing solutions that help them grow and thrive.

The Attract Sell Nurture Marketing System is Kase Dean's step-by-step framework for helping business owners and marketing managers generate more revenue and attract high-value clients without wasting any more money, time or energy on ineffective marketing and advertising campaigns.

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